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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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Marie Lecrivain
Kenneth P. Gurney, author of Writers' Block
Marie Lecrivain
Summer Reading Recommendations 2009
Charles Claymore
Lua-O-Milo: The Exotic Sounds of Skip Heller (Dionysus Records)
Theresa Antonia
Jeanne Marie Spicuzza's My Italia
Marie Lecrivain
D Edward Ennis's Curbside Pickup
  a personal history of rock 'n' roll
G. Murray Thomas
Two Concerts (TWO Big Ones!)
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Charles Claymore August 2009


Lua-O-Milo: The Exotic Sounds of Skip Heller (Dionysus Records)

† † Exotica. The term brings images and sounds of a cocktail party simmering just below out-of-hand. And while many a party may have been driven by this soothing, yet curiously upbeat art form, a hell of a lot of work goes into each piece. As Mr. Heller describes in his liner notes (well worth the few minutes), each song is carefully composed well before any thought about booking studio time, "Les (Baxter) and Bob (Drasnin) wrote the stuff out, so do I." Well, he should know since heís been playing with Mr. Drasnin for years.
† † Lua-O-Milo was born of a commission by Greg Maletic for his film Tilt: The Battle To Save Pinball. Each piece has been rearranged more fully for the album (there are a few demos from the movie as bonus tracks,too). Iím finding I really like it. Iím so far over my head in terms of engaging in any serious criticism and basically threw out any pretense of such about ten minutes ago. Letís just say that itís quite pleasing to hear real bass clarinet, vibraphone(DJ BonebrakeóThe Knitters), harp, and the other many lovely instruments such as Mike Dubinís homemade (by his grandfather) percussion instruments. Yes, this falls under the category of "Easy Listening," and itís too damn bad that pigeonholeís been stuffed with so much schlock over the years that the real art and artists who would helpfully be classified there can often be overlooked. Skip Heller is a fine composer.
† † This is an excellent addition to your ipod or whatever you use, and donít be surprised when a cut comes up on shuffle and you flip the switch over to hear just one more trackÖ

Lua-O-Milo, copyright 2009 Skip Heller, Dionysus Records,, $12.99

copyright 2009 Charles Claymore


Charles Claymore

author's bio

    Charles Claymore is, continues to be, or has been, some of the following things: a circus trainer, animal tamer, cook, traveler, librarian, dj, artist, landscaper, archer, husband, counterman, alchemist, musician, hunter, flatworker, wing forward, racer, student, fling, pain in the ass, priest, and poet. He has written songs about people and vice versa.
    He lives, and quite thoroughly enjoys, LA.