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  February 2005
volume 3 number 1
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February 2005

C Stix butterfly

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    Terese Jungle (her real name) is an artist, writer and educator. She offers consulting and design to progressive businesses in Los Angeles, teaches design and branding at the Art Institute of L.A., and conducts workshops through the Center for Cultural Innovation.
    She enjoys Korean television, sequential art, dream recall that hits mid-day, EE Cummings, Japanese candy packaging, and the musings of her spastically insightful alter ego, Janice.
    Her art background includes painting, drawing,print-making, digital art, poetry and an in-depth exploration of visual communications and multimedia installation while earning her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
    Also known as TJungle, she is the author of several comic/sketchbooks published under Profusion Press and sold in L.A. bookstores and galleries. You can also find her writing and drawings in the Really Big Show Anthology.
    For more information:
T Jungle