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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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Iris Dan
August 2008



art by julian ellis

    Iris Dan is a poet and translator living in Haifa, Israel. Her work has been published in Subtle Tea.



From Qualia to Words

you draw them out
from the foggy place where they
still are all they could be

with senses soon
to be whitewashed
by full awakening
you see them
hear them

endless possibilities
rootless particles
so small that even Latin
has no descriptive for them

bits undecidedly
moving joining
one nebula or that
one spiral one cluster
one wave or that

converging clashing
clumping coagulating
dissipating condensing
fusing splitting again
clattering clicking

you see them hear them
miss them already

As they turn into
helium molecules
drops of water
dust specks
coals diamonds pearls
rock crystals Fabergé eggs

In the end you are left with
billiard balls
meant to be pushed with a cue
into appropriate holes


copyright 2008 Iris Dan