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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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Clint Frakes
August 2008



art by julian ellis

   Clint Frakes currently lives in Sedona, AZ. He has recently received the James Vaughan Award for Poetry and the Peggy Ferris Memorial Award for Poetry. He is a graduate of the Naropa Institute and Northern Arizona University writing programs and received his doctorate with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Hawaii in 2006. He is currently working on his second full book of poetry, entitled Citizen Poems.



A Moving Life

I give myself permission to lull the savage flower
            like a phoneme from the infamous waves.

Today I saw a calyx atop every roof –
            pollens, inverted hyacinths,

                stunted euphorias at the mini-mart:
            fluttering glassy wrappers in the Trade Winds—

                like how the old poet crept beneath the myth
        in her wrinkled skirt & shrugged

                loose from the pavement
            a radical new altar of sound.

The chorus ejaculated in antistrophe:
            The earth has a taste!

The problem is you’ve been dialing the wrong deity,
            cigarettes burning on the table—

                & you forgot how to use them.

copyright 2008 Clint Frakes