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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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The Unarmed Man
August 2008



art by julian ellis

    "I write poems and short stories. I make art; drawings, paintings, CGI. Creativity keeps me alive. I teach art at a college in my home city, after many, many dead-end jobs and a sojourn to university."




You make your way through your tens
Learning life
You make your way through your twenties
Knowing life
You make your way through your thirties
Questioning life

And then one day,
You are standing next to a table,
At your uncle’s sixtieth birthday party

And on the table is a cake
And it looks like a train
But it is not a train
It is a box-brownie camera
A symbol of my uncle’s love for the device
From his most recent of Aquith.

And as I am scooping up houmous
With a cheese Dorito
My dad walks up beside me
And he says:
“Ere mate, what’s that?”
And he drops something into my hand

I examine the object
And conclude it to be
A bit of nail…or something similar
And my dad tells me
It’s a bit of his tooth

And I give it back to him
A bit disgusted
And then he says:
Shall I put it in the houmous?”
And I laugh and say:“Yeah”

But I don’t really mean it
And he doesn’t do it
And then we both stand there:
Disintegrating at different rates.

copyright 2007 The Unarmed Man