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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Kenneth Gurney
February 2006



    Kenneth P. Gurney is the crazy gypsy, Euro-mutt who produces Origami Condom and purchases surreal-estate with his leftover pocket change at the end of the day. His poems show up in a wide range of publications on the web and in print. His temporal existence is now in Albuquerque, NM.



Wells & 22nd

The raggedy man,
two days ago
released from the psych ward,
does not speak,
but sings like a bird in spring.

Delphi leans into me,
whispers in my ear,
"I’d sing, too, if I remembered how.
So would all the shrinking people
on this sidewalk."

The raggedy man
never meets our eyes,
his gaze set by
Horace Greeley—
he smells the ripening
melons in Rocky Ford.

His feet migrate toward
the thin line one never meets.

copyright 2005 Kenneth Gurney