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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Bob Browning
February 2006



art by lizbeth palma

    Bob Browning lives in New Jersey, works full time as a baker, and writes after he dusts the flour off his hands. His first book, entitled Sometime Poet, was published in March 2004 by Publish America and is available online, with a second book, Mosaicist soon to follow.



Hal Bannigan, Manager Of Your Seafood Department

"Oh, husband, your hands smell like fish,
your shirt smells like fish, there are
scales on your shoes, and look, yes,
flecks of blood on your pants... the stench
is in your hair, your skin, your watery eyes,
if I could get close enough to you, I'm
sure there would be salt in your kiss."

"My wife, you smell of starlight."

copyright 2006 Bob Browning