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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Marianne LaValle-Vincent
February 2006



photo by michelle mazzetti

    Marianne LaValle-Vincent is a native of Syracuse, New York, and has been writing for many years.
    She has won numerous literary contests and has achieved publication in such magazines as Italiana Americana, The Birmingham Review, Poetry Motel, Falling Star, 3 Cup Morning, and other special publications through SUNY.
    Her credits and awards also infiltrate the Internet on such web sites as Real Eight View, Ascent, Underground Window, Dance With Words, and Writers on Line. Her first collection of poetry entitled American Lie is available in bookstores throughout the country. Coverings (a chapbook) is now available through Foothills Publishing.
    Marianne's second full-length poetry collection 313's Child will be available in 2005.
    Besides poetry, many of her short stories have been published-most recently "Understanding Dad" in Chicken Soup For the Soul: Fathers and Daughters edition.
    Marianne has recently been awarded a grant through Hill House Writers in Nashville, TN., and is invited frequently to lecture at local universities and libraries. She also acts as an assistant editor for the ezine The Rose & Thorn.
    A first generation Italian-American, Marianne is an administrative RN who focuses on Marketing for a large medical imaging corporation. She still lives in Syracuse with her husband Tim, and 14 year-old daughter, Jess. Her greatest pleasure, after writing, is cooking for family and friends.



Dream Lover

A cast of thousands invades
my dreams
faceless frightening strangers
lurk in hallways and corners
as I make my way up the
to a cloaked man with brown hair
who beckons me come closer
the walls close in as I fight for
scratching and clawing toward my
inevitable goal
and he sits
on the water
in his Polo shirt
and pulls me nearer
his hypnotic aura
like a magnet makes me
helpless in the nightmare
and I pray to no one that he will
be unknown
yet even in the dream
I brace myself for his horror
The final outcome of
My nightly trance
The face melts into reality
facing me
the conspiracy almost over
and I fall at his knees
night after night
held forever captive
by an unrequited
who only comes to me in a

copyright 2006 Marianne LaValle-Vincent