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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Tyler Joseph Wiseman
February 2006



photo by jerry garcia

    Tyler Joseph Wiseman was born in Fargo, North Dakota, on Feb. 20, 1980. Since the tender age of 16, he has been hitchhiking across the USA, with a total accomplished span of 80k miles, while selling poetry on the streets. As a result, he was self published in all 50 states by the age of twenty-one, and received his first national television feature at the age of twenty three.
    Previous publications include the Muse Apprentice Guild, Poetic Voices, Poetry Life & Times, Makata, and Alay. Currently, Joseph resides in San Diego, CA.



Poetess II: Dedicated to Aurora Antonovic

Canadian songbird, you shimmy a swath
through all the devices of my wanton
escapisms that bind, as a cloth
of crimson character, wine and blood.

I drink once a month, to understand
woman’s pain, the soft stigmata
made insurmountably grand
to the mind of men and monsters.

I smell blood on the sand
salivate and hunger, to bound
beyond all primal contrivance
and become enlightened in deprivation

Oh, to suffer so exquisitely, I smile
knowing now the torture of woman’s while

(previously published in Write Away Poetry)

copyright 2005 Tyler Joseph Wiseman