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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Dale Duke
February 2006



Theo Diamantis

    Dale Duke is a retired rock-and-roll guitar player living in the Northwest with his wife Teresa. His work has appeared in numerous on-line and print publications, notably Skunk's Press, Altered Perceptions, and Georgian Blue Poetry.



Rollie Fields

An Alphabetical Portrait of a Working Man

I like Rollie Fields and I am glad I know him.
Work captured him...
Like a dusty moon in a distant system
Constantly circling something larger...
Never getting closer...or being able to pull away.

He is a reflector of light and does not seek to understand.
He is illuminated by his ability to accept jobs without a future.
I look at him and know he is content with that.

A deacon for his family's needs...
A happy illiterate hero...
In this world of ours and hours.

I do not have his talent for accepting what is served.
The only thing I ever heard him ask for was more time.
I like Rollie Fields and I think he is a lot smarter than me.

copyright 1999 Dale Duke