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  February 2006
volume 4 number 1
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Roger Humes
February 2006



    Roger Humes is a computer graphic artist/writer from Claremont, California. He is the Director of The Other International Project (, Head of Design Production for Literati Magazine (, and International Poetry Editor for Harvest International Magazine.
    He believes that poetry is best described as thus: The Prophet Mohammed is reported to have asked his companion the poet Abdullah bin Rowaha: "Abdullah! What is poetry?"
    The poet responded: "It is something that pulsates in my heart and is then spoken by my tongue." - from the essay Arabic Poetry: A Glimpse Into The Soul by Ghazi al-Gosaibi.
    Most of his poetry, fiction, and art may be found at:
Roger Humes



Along The Way to Kashmir

The haze of the horizon is cool, promises, entices, invites us
to finish this weary journey on which we have chosen
to walk together across the wastes away from Canaan.

You are still beside me as you have always been
since nearly the beginning and will be until
the end of days graces us with the bliss of the forgetfulness
of life for which I have long craved since I realized
they were more interested in gratification than salvation.

You, though, never wavered, sharing both my bed and teachings,
accepting them as one and the same.
You, though, never wavered, and I watch in amazement,
humbled that such love and devotion can come
from one who is born out of clay.

When they nailed my soul to the tree,
when I believed that all was lost and my father had deserted me,
when I watched the sadness of a mother outliving her son,
when they cast lots for my clothes,
when they mocked me and those around me,
ever you stayed quietly accepting our fate

The others turned, fled, denied who I was to them and myself,
the others questioned even when you came back from the tomb
to tell them that death had been defeated by faith,
the others gave way to the mobs, only returning
when they deemed it safe and the sole avenue offered
for them to receive repentance for their fears.

You, though, never wavered, ignoring the taunts and doubts
of how could I forgive a past and sins that were beyond your control,
you, though, never wavered, and as I reach to gently touch your cheek,
entranced by the beauty that the worries of life have etched on your face
I realize finally what true faith and love can mean when two souls unite.

So allow me to carry your burden for down this path
and perhaps together we can find the peace we so crave

once we reach Kashmir.

copyright 2005 Roger Humes