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  August 2008
volume 6 number 2
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Alex Stolis August 2008



art by julian ellis

    Alex Stolis lives and works in Minneapolis, MN, as a Chemical Dependancy Counselor. He has done poetry readings and been published both on-line and in print, including the U.K. and Germany. Some previous publications include the Chiron Review, Snow Monkey, Poetry Motel, Black Bear Review, Poetry Niederngasse, Illya's Honey, Unwound, Nerve Cowboy, Lynx Eye, and Staplegun. In Fall 2002, Rosewater Press published his first chapbook, Obsidian Butterflies.




Broad faces consider cyanide alleys
near an empty lot outside Pisco as Apostles
unswathe Jesus the day before Easter;
everyone wants to be Frank Black,
drinking wind that tastes of gasoline.

In Esperanza, Davis mixes a Manhattan, washes
paper drops off the rim of a margarita glass;
a crow's wing stained with mascara brushes
pale blue ash on the sill, sends quiet hymns
into the cafe. Staved for something green
his breath traces her shape in the mirror.

copyright 2008 Alex Stolis



I Want to Live up to my Reputation

I want to drive cross-country
with no suitcase, press
my fingers on roads
that lead to broken caverns.
Gravel colors her eyes black,
we collapse the day, pack
it in a cardboard box.
Lara's breath hovers
in dim glow red,
she holds our voices
like loose change.
Painting our names
in the sweat
on the window, I listen
for the hum of noon
as we crawl over empty strands
of an October day.

copyright 2008 Alex Stolis