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  November 2005
volume 3 number 4
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Marie Lecrivain
Sarah Maclay: poet, teacher, and author of Whore
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Marie Lecrivain
Fiction+Opinion=Fact: David Howard of Crackpot Press
Gene Justice
Rules of Engagement: What the Chinese Shuffle Teaches us about Poetry
Marie Lecrivain
Nessa O'Mahony's Trapping a Ghost
Laura A. Lionello
Periel Aschenbrand's the only bush i trust is my own
Aire Celeste Norell
Marv Wolfman's & Ted White's The Oz Encounter
Marie Lecrivain
L.A. Writers Recommend...part II
Angel Uriel Perales
Ariel Robello's My Sweet Unconditional
Francisco Dominguez
Pat Patriot Riot?s Me & Pudd Part I
Francisco Dominguez
Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Vol. 3
Marie Lecrivain
Ex Machina Press: Silent Voices Volume 1
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Francisco Dominguez November 2005


Pat Patriot Riot?s Me & Pudd Part I

† † The first volume of Me & Pudd introduces the authorís main characters in what appears to be another day in their ordinary life. For these two characters, life seems to be sitting around in Puddís best friendís car and trying to decide if there is excitement in pursuing inane activities. Although the payoff in the story happens in the first activity the characters choose to follow, one does get the feeling the two men had in fact been sitting in their cars for too long. The reader just happened to be lucky enough to jump in at the moment they choose to act upon the impulse that will eventually pay off.

† † What follows is a longer, edgier, and brainier draft to the Farrelly Brothers, Dumb and DumberĒ movie. These characters display as much instinct and IQ as road kill, which leads the reader to assume hazardous retribution will ensue for the characterís actions. However, the dialogueís choice of words does not dumb down the narrative thread. The choice of language displayed by the characters is carefully placed in perfectly-timed conditions. Me and Pudd contains enough twists and turns that by the end of the first chapter, the reader canít help but to wonder if the characters can actually pull off their inane activities and find joy in them. But most importantly, the reader canít help but want them to find joy.

Me & Pudd Part I, copyright 2005 Various Pat Riot Zines 16pp, $2

copyright 2005 Francisco Dominguez


Francisco Dominguez

author's bio

    Francisco J. Dominguez emigrated from Mexico to the United States at the age of 13. Since then, he has written and published a book of poetry, Estranged by the Airfields of Vienna. Fran's creative work is mostly comprised of short prose and free verse. As an immigrant, his endeavors are based on an outside-looking-in perspective. Fran is the art editor for poeticdiversity, and has been writing poetry for more than 10 years. He lives in Long Beach, California.

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