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  November 2005
volume 3 number 4
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volume 3 number 4 November 2005
    Things are definitely better the second time around.

    Here we are - again - publishing another issue, but poeticdiversity is going into its third year, and going strong.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Recap Nov. 2004-2005: we expanded our staff; L.A. Melange: the first year of poeticdiversity won first runner-up in the poetry category at the DIY Book Festival; we moved around; we traveled, wrote, laughed, cried, ate, had sex (some of us less than others, and NOT with each other), wrote some more, read through a LOT of submissions, lost some friends, made some new ones, accrued/paid some karmic debt... and so it goes. However, as busy as we appeared to be, we still kept to our goal of providing a quality publication that showcases the creative diversity within the Los Angeles literary community and beyond.

    Again, and it cannot be reiterated enough, poeticdiversity's success lies with its contributers, to whom we owe everything, especially our gratitude.

    We are blessed with a lot of literary talent, and issue # 9 is no exception.

    Interviews: Center Stage with poet and author Sarah Maclay; just the facts with David Howard, editor of Crackpot Press; and an essay by Gene Justice, Triplopia editor and student of life.

    Featured poets: Lyric dynamoes L. Ward Abel, Rafael J. Alvarado, Deborah Edler Brown, D.J. Carlile (with a debut translation of prose by Arthur Rimbaud), Yvonne Garrett, Marianne LaValle-Vincent, Eric Steineger, Evan Traiger, and Rev. Dave Wheeler.

    Prose Feature: A double bill: Pushcart Prize nominee (and staple-free) Craig Murray, and master-storyteller Daniel Olivas.

    Contributers: Steve Abee (all hail to thee!), E. Amato, Roger Angle, Gregory Austin, Julia Bemiss (kimchee ROCKS!), Leah Brown, Brendan Connell, Peggy Dobreer (elegant as always), Francisco J. Dominguez, Sufi Erter, Daniel Gallik (my prosaic partner in crime), Jerry Garcia (Happy Birthday!), Steve Goldman (my den "son"), Jeff Green, Andrew Grossman, Kenneth Hickey, Jerry Hicks, Roger Humes, Gene Justice, Raud Kennedy, Gerard Kuc, Marie Lecrivain, Laura Lionello, Shahé Mankerian, Johnny Masuda, Dave Nordling, Aire Celeste Norell, Angel Uriel Perales, Adrian Potter, Douglas Richardson, Paula Rodriguez, Mani Suri, Davide Trame, Tri Tran, Sharieff Walters, Christopher Watkins, and Justin Weiler.

    Reviews: a film review by E. Amato; poetry, prose and literary journal reviews by the poeticdiversity staff, and the return of L.A. Writers Recommend.

    Artist in Residence: the lovely and photographically gifted Michelle Mazzetti.

    As the holidays descend, remember to be good to yourselves, have fun, keep those submissions coming, and above all, respect each other's right to creative expression.

marie lecrivain

executive editor


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