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  November/December 2012
volume 9 number 2
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volume 9 number 2 November/December 2012
    As I write this introduction, people are getting ready to celebrate the holidays, which is startling, considering not only the neck-in-neck race of the recent U.S. Elections, but the massive polarization of this country's population along ideological lines. However, we are creatures of habit; we follow the seasons, and the traditions that come with them.
    That being said, I'm pleased to announce poeticdiversity's nominations for Sundress Publications 2012 Best of the Net, as well as the 2012 Pushcart Prize.
    Best of the Net Nominees: For prose: Alice Constantine's “Happily Ever After.” For poetry: RD Armstrong's “The Bucket is Suddenly Empty,” Dawnell Harrison's “Clouds of Fog,” Cat Angelique McIntire's “Playing With Fire,” David McIntire's “Stare,” David Mclean's “morning become's electric Madonna,” and, Angel Uriel Perales's “Six Faces.”
    Pushcart Nominees: for poetry: Maryann Russo's “Wings,” Apryl Skies's “Backshadow,” Jan Steckel's “Fourteen Crossings,” and, Patrick Williamson's “Assignation.” For prose: Alice Constantine's, “Happily Ever After,” and Suvi Mahonen's, “Bobby.”
    Thank you, and good luck to the nominees!:)
    Now, for a full and fun-packed issue:

    Featured Poets: David Cravens, Ivan Jensen, Walter Ruhlmann, Maryann Russo, John Saunders, David Scriven, Apryl Skies, and Julia Stein.

    Prose Feature: Deborah Edler Brown.

    Contributing Poets/Writers: Stephen Anstay, Baron James Ashanti, Jack G Bowman, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Michael Ceraolo, Dan Danila, J de Salvo, Max Dunbar, Jim Heavily, Matthew James, Ruth Juris, lalo kikiriki, Rusty Kjarvik, George Korolog, Suvi Mahonen, Anthony Mason, Ted McCarthy, Terry McCarty, Karen J McDonnell, David McIntire, Greg Patrick, James G Piatt, Kristena Prater, Russell Salamon, Anthony Seidman, Jonathan Taylor, Anthony Torchia, Mary Torregrossa, Wanda Vanhoy Smith, Charles Weber, and Patrick Williamson.

    Artist-In-Residence,: Fine Art Photographer James Barros.

    Book Reviews/Columns: Brendan Constantine discusses his newest collection, Calamity Joe; Charles Baudelaire's Paris Spleen; Carly Byson's Bandana Wasteland; Donna Marie Merritt's What's Wrong With Ordinary; Holiday Literary Recommendations; and G. Murray Thomas's newest installment of A Personal History of Rock'n'Roll.

    Happy Holidays, and see you in time for National Poetry Month, in April, 2013!.:)

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

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