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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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volume 10 number 2 November 2013
        It's our tenth anniversary of publication!
    To date, we've published almost 700 poets, writers, and artists in 27 issues. Over the last decade, we've published two anthologies, held celebratory readings, wept over the deaths of some of our contributors, seen editorial staff come and go, and helped to build a literary cornerstone for Los Angeles.
    In October 2003, as Reggie Ige and I spent many hours crafting the first issue, I don't think that we quite knew what we were doing. Actually, I can only speak for myself; Reggie is a genius! Through trial and error, and lots of hard-won lessons, we will continue - for as long as there's poetry and art and internet services - to publish poeticdiversity.
    Now, for some announcements.
    We've updated our submissions rules. You can find them on the toolbar above this introduction.
    Frequent contributor and amazing poet Deborah Edler Brown, served as guest editor for this issue. Thank you, Deborah, for taking the time to choose quality work, and for making the anniversary issue a knock-out! Also, welcome to our new art editor, Mauricio Alejandro Ramos aka Pardoxius.
    This year, we've nominated poets and writers for The Best of the Net (Sundress Publications), and Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Press Awards. This is never an easy decision. Every poem and short story published by us is worth a nomination. After much deliberation, here are the nominees:

    Best of the Net (2014): Creative Non-fiction: George Korolog's “Easter Rant.” Fiction: Meg Pokrass' “211 Burial Lane”, and Max Dunbar's “I'm the Screen.” Poetry: Janine Canan's “Watery World,” James G Piatt's “The Night Frog,” David Scriven's “More Like a Lightning Bolt With Eyes,” Mary Torregrossa's “Wayfarer,” Daniela Voicu's “Surfing Silence,” and Alicia Winski's “she (moves like a) butterfly.”

    Pushcart: Best of the Small Press (2014): Fiction: J de Salvo's “Excerpt from American Holidays. Literary Essay: Deborah L. Warner's “Two Perspectives Across a Dinner Table." Poetry: G. Murray Thomas' "Charlie Brown in the Strip Club," Diane Dehler's “Children of the Poppy," John MacKenna's "Crows," and David Scriven's "Stranger."

    Enjoy this issue!

   Featured Poets:Rose Mary Boehm, Merrill Cole, t. joseph dunn, Alex Johnson, John MacKenna, Robbie Nestor, David Scriven, John W. Sexton, G. Murray Thomas, toren wallace, and Alicia Winski.

   Prose Feature: J de Salvo.

    Contributing Poets/Writers: Lynn Albanese,Jonathan Beale, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Charles Claymore, Christiane Conesa-Bostock, Flavia Cosma, Gareth Davies, Diane Dehler, Maurice Devitt, Tyler Dupuis, Sabrina Edwards, Neil Ellman, R.M. Engelhardt, Rebecca Gimblett, Jeffrey Graessley, John Grey, James Hall, AJ Huffman, Eric Lawson, Lee Mason, Deborah McCreath-Akbar, Karen McDonnell,Tom O'Reilly, Angel Uriel Perales, Meg Pokrass, Frank Praeger, John Richmond, Kevin Ridgeway, Walter Ruhlmann, Howard Sage, John Saunders, Allen Taylor, Sarah Thursday, and Daniela Voicu.

    Artist-In-Residence: Mauricio Alejandro Ramos aka Paradoxius.

    Interviews/Essays/Reviews: Carol Smallwood interviews Foster Neil, editor/founder of The Michigan Poet; Deborah L. Warner shares her views on the importance of writing erotica in “Two Perspectives Across a Dinner Table; Jack G. Bowman reviews Bob Byron's  short film Rape; book reviews on Shaindel Beers' The Children's War, and klipschultz's Drawn and Quartered Moon; and another installment from G. Murray Thomas's ongoing series a personal history of rock' 'n' roll.

    Enjoy the rest of 2013. See you all in April 2014!

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

executive editor/publisher marie lecrivain
contributing editors charles claymore, carol smallwood, angel uriel perales, alicia winski
webmaster reggie ige
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