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  April 2014
volume 11 number 1
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volume 11 number 1 April 2014

    National Poetry Month. In issues past, I've written about this way too much. Enjoy it!
    However, I'd like to take a moment to pay my respects to one of L.A.'s best poets (past/present/future). I'm speaking of Wanda Coleman, who, sadly for many who knew and revered her, passed away in the latter half of November 2013.
    There are many poets, including myself, who benefited from Coleman's words and wisdom. I didn't know her personally beyond having attended a few of her performances at Beyond Baroque, and reading her books. She made a lasting impression on me. When she was the guest poetry editor for another seminal SoCal publication, The Los Angeles Review, she sent out an email call for submissions. I screwed my courage to the sticking place and submitted five poems through the mail. I sweated about it for weeks. For me this was a BIG deal. Three weeks later, I found my return SASE in my mail box. On the envelope flap was written one word - “Yes.” I was thunderstruck. I've written acceptance/rejection letters, as well as received hundreds in the last 10+ years. This one was my favorite. I still have the envelope, the acceptance letter, and the memory of one of L.A. greatest poets giving my words a voice. Like so many poets, I'm gratefully in her debt.
    If you get the chance, I'd like to recommend you purchase a copy of GV21: The Wanda Coleman Project. It's a great documentary directed by Bob Bryan, who's dedicated more than a few years filming and representing the best of the L.A. poetry scene. You'll be glad you did.
    I'd also like to extend a huge thanks to poeticdiversity's guest editor for the April issue: Angel Uriel Perales. I've known few people who are as passionate about poetry as Angel, and he did a stellar job selecting poems for this issue. Thank you, Angel!

    In this issue:

    Featured Poets: Daniel Daian, Diane Dehler, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Amelie Frank, Vesna Goldsworthy, AJ Huffman, Dani Jimenez, Scott Kaestner, Robert S. King, Michael Lemberger, Davod Ishaya Osu, Rob Plath, Frank Praeger, David Scriven, and Apryl Skies.

    Prose Feature: Brian Grillo.

    Contributing Poets/Writers: Scott Alexander, Shawn Aveningo, Johnathan Beale, Jack G Bowman, Betsy Burke, Matt Burns, Shibani Chattopadhyay, Rachel Coventry, Tyler Dupuis, Sarah Francois, Allison Grayhurst, John Grochalski, Hedy Habra, Samantha Henderson, Augustus Invictus, Natalie Itzhaki, Scott Jacobson, Alex Johnson, Mikel K, Craig Kurtz, Phillip Larrea, Eric Lawson, N.M. Leepsa, Anthony Magistrale, Brendan McComack, Fernando Meisenhaulter, Christopher Mulrooney, Beth Escott Newcomer, Philip O'Neil, Ebi Robert, Walter Ruhlmann, April Salzano, Jake Sheff, Rishan Singh, Julia Stein, Allen Taylor, Paul Tristram, Claire Walker, Viola Weinberg, and Claire Williams.

    Artist-In-Residence,: poeticdiversity art editor Maurico Alejandro Ramos.

    Book Reviews/Columns: Lynne Bronstein's essay, If Famous Playwrights Had Written “The Walking Dead”; Jack G. Bowman's review of GV21: The Wanda Coleman Project; reviews of Yvonne M. Estrada's My Name on Top of Yours, David Herrle's Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy, Zarina Zabriksy's We, Monsters; and G. Murray Thomas's newest installment of A Personal History of Rock'n'Roll.

    Support The Arts (especially the written ones), and enjoy all that National Poetry Month has to offer. See you in November!:)

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

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