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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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volume 12 number 2 November 2015
    I'm writing this introduction in the wake of the attacks that commenced in Beirut, Paris, Kenya, and Mali. On Friday, 11/13, I walked into the lobby of my job to find that November 2015 is turning into one of the darkest months in modern human history as voices are cruely silenced by those who would spread fear and hatred in the name of their oppressive god.
    It is a test - of our individual humanity - that comes into play at times like these. How do we react, and process the violence into something more palatable, or at least, something we can understand? Artists do this through painting, songs, and poetry, for which I am grateful. Art speaks to us all, and words are more powerful than guns, or so the saying goes (I digress).
    This issue is dedicated to those whose voices were silenced, as a testament that they will not be forgotten. We will continue to champion freedom of diversity, and respect for humanity through our art, through poetry, prose, and images that represent the best of what this world stads for.
    This issue is also dedicated to long-time contributor, and local SoCal poet, Christopher Mulrooney, who passed away earlier this year. Christopher, we will miss you, and your poetry, in that order.
    Now, for some announcements.

    It's that time of year – again – where poeticdiversity nominates the work of poets and writers for various awards. This year saw a lot of top quality work come into my email box/submissions box, and it's never easy to choose one poem/short story over another. For that, I want to thank managing editor, Charles Claymore, and contributing editor, Angel Uriel Perales, for their assitance with Pushcart and Best of the Net nominations. So...

    1) For Sundress Publications Best of the Net Anthology nominations (2015): Creative Non-fiction: G. Murray Thomas (“A Personal History of Rock 'n' Roll: Music and Traveling”, Nov. 2014). Fiction: Toti O'Brien (“Incubus, and Your Lips”, Nov. 2014), and Brenda Petrakos (“When Donny Gets Blue”, Nov. 2014). Poetry: Hélène Cardona (“C'est Comme Ca” ,April 2015) , AJ Huffman (“Water Burial”, April 2015), Phillip Larrea (“Hemingway's Lost Note Nearly Found”, April 2015), and Terry McCarty (Times Square 2012”, Nov. 2014) .

    2) For Pushcart, Best of the Small Presses nominations (2015): Literary Essay: Lynne Thompson (“On Pablo Neruda”, Nov. 2015). Fiction: Bruce Colbert (“Night Games”, April 2015). Poetry: Apryl Skies (“did the ocean know you would dance constellations so soon?”, Nov. 2015), Kelley White (“Crimson”, April 2015), J.T. Whitehead (“I Saw Papaw Reading Kierkegaard While Others Gathered Eggs”, Nov. 2015), and Alicia Winski (“Unforgiving”, April 2015).

    3) For Mipoesias' Independent Best American Poetry Award nominations (2015) : Kalpna Singh-Chitnis (“Ancient Remorse (I-III)”, April 2015), April Salzano (“Living Walls”, April 2015), and Dave Herrle (“Stalins of Body and Soul”, April 2015).

    Enjoy this issue!

    Featured Poets: paulo brito, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Michael Aaron Casares, Emily Fernandez, John Jay Flicker, E. L. Freifeld, John Grey, Christopher Mulrooney, Kushal Poddar, Jan Steckel, and Wanda Vanhoy Smith.

    Prose Feature: Sarah Francois

    Contributing Poets/Writers: Sheikha A., M.I. Akande, Gwyndyn Alexander, Prerna Bakshi , Gary Beck, Stafanie Bennett, Deborah Edler Brown, Jeffrey Bryant, Darice Clark, Terry Clark, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi , Hedy Habra, Dave Houston, Trista Hurley-Waxali , Robert S. King, Marie Lecrivain, Emma Lee, Ron Lucas, Frank Mundo, Toti O'Brien, Scott Thomas Outlar, Angel Uriel Perales, James J.Piatt, Frank Praeger, Hattie Quinn, John D Robinson, john saunders, Carol Schwalberg , Apryl Skies, Julia Stein, Johnathan Taylor,  Amy Uyematsu , and J. T. Whitehead.

    Artist-In-Residence: Francios Biajoux

    Essay/Reviews: Lynne Thompson's On Pablo Neruda; Carol Smallwood reviews Jendi Reiter's Bullies in Love; Allie Frazier reviews of Alexis Rhone Fancher's How I Lost My Virginity to Michael Cohen and Other Heart-Stab Poems, and another installment from G. Murray Thomas's ongoing series a personal history of rock' 'n' roll.

    Stay strong, and keep writing, keep creating! See you all in April 2016!

Marie C Lecrivain

executive editor

poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles

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