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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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Carmen Vega
August 2009



art by ferrari silverpowder

    Carmen Vega is a Puertorrican born poet, performer, and playwright raised in New York, and residing in Los Angeles, where she's an active participant in the local poetry scene. She is a writer who derives pleasure in pulling pedestrian glimpses of life, and shares them in verse amenable to the many rather than the few. Her individual works are published in the Southern Anthology of Fiction, the Onyx Spoken Word Anthology, and zines, She is an artist in residence for Theatre of Hearts Youth First, teaching poetry to high school students. Her CD, La Poeta con Rock is a collaboration with the LA rock group: Barnacle (and is distributed via CD And, her chap book is entitled: Reflections From The Well .



Soul Mates

I admire you.

My heart is full with charms and butterflies.
and lovely designs of you, filled to the brim
where my breath scarcely bathes my blood
and makes its way through tiny ravines.

My illusions and dreams nourish me.

It feeds me to watch you
to hear you, to make you laugh a slight laugh,
to see you cross my path.

Im so in love.

It thrills me to see you respond.
I can see you.
Beauty is beholden to us,
when were near, I can feel your excitement.

I sense, like children at play,
we become elated in each others presence
Escape the social disguise for a moment while
our heart skips across the room to greet one another:

I love you, welcome back!
So nice to meet again,
afar, so many lives weve spent apart.

copyright 2005 Carmen Vega