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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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David Christensen
August 2009



photo by maja trochimczyk

    "I am an old soldier, sailor, mountain climber, and skier who lives in Utah. I grew up here, and then joined the USMC and fought in Vietnam. I did some time with KFC and UPS. I rubbed shoulders with Col. Sanders on many occasions. I have writen poetry about the war, mountain climbing, sailing, and about politics. I have written a lot about love and family. I am 56 years old and have seen a lot of the world and have been awed by my experiences."



Old Sailor's Prayer

Dreams come to life inside warm winds,
let these moments not be stolen
like the death of a gull.

Do we know the impossible sea
by the crash of your waves?
Do we know the impossible sea
by moonlight dancing upon your mists?

We are now like canvas birds
flying night and day... take us
into your possibilities,

Run with us.

Sea of wonder, help us fly
flying low, flying high
into a vision that never died.

Lift us night and day
upon these white wings... take us
into your impossibilities.

Tack with us.

Sea of prey, watery graves
sail us over, sail us on
gently pass us by.

Sea of prayers, hear us pray
drifting up into a summer sky... take us
into your mystery.

Reach with us.

Sea of joy, Bird of prey
within are ghosts from yesterday
scattered by dawns bleeding sunrise.

Clouds reefed inside old men's ebbing minds,
take us on your wetted wings
blow us with your warmth
take our beating hearts-

To where gulls return from winter nests
sealing the birth of adventure... take us
to soar alongside in wonder!

Moor us to our dreams.

copyright 2006 David Christensen