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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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Sergio Ortiz
August 2009



photo by maja trochimczyk

    Sergio Ortiz grew up in Chicago, studied English literature at Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico, philosophy at World University, Culinary Art at The Restaurant School in Philadelphia. His work has been published in POUI The Cave, Origami Condom, and Poets Ink.




Llegas sobre mi carne
Tembloroso de auroras…
- Federico Garcia Lorca/ Veleta

Lean against a seawall,
ask the sky to undress,
pull it down to my lips
until it shakes.

Gulls slide into and away
from a shaft of light,
the way I run marathons
behind the palisade.

Close your eyes,
forget retail bankers who
never risk their chip.
Fingertips about your shoulders
dance the wind.

Press, and once again begin,
anticipate the dawn
from side to side.

copyright 2008 Sergio Ortiz