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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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April 2012



art by dee rimbaud

    Mephistopheles is not much of a talker... or even a mover... or a shaker. Mephistopheles does, luckily enough, love to read and write. Mephistopheles just is.



Lulu's Sunset

There was a wild sky that evening
and there was lightning
but no thunder

that's when I watched
the sunset with you
and as we gazed on up to -
and even past it,
I wonder what it was you saw

for now you wake
with mumbled words
and you walk
carrying a heavy heart
and I canít do much
to help you
other than sit
by your side

I can tell your heart is breaking
and I wish that she could hear it
and I hope somewhere she knows
the amount of love sheís garnered

for now there are many gathered roses
and jeweled words are spoken of her presence
and the light in the world is much dimmer
for a brilliant star was snuffed out

I donít care about the too soon
or the lack of understanding
of her life
or her choices
or the depth of her being

Cause I know she had a strength
that measures far beyond mine
and she took the pain
she was saddled with
with grace and a smile

And while her ears were deafened
to the praises of those who sing them now
I'm sure that smile
lights up where-ever she is
with a light that is unbound

copyright 2012 Mephistopheles