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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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Annette Sugden
April 2012



photo by kevin berger

    Annette Sugden is a Los Angeles writer, performer, dancer, and artist who lives in Glendale, but the other Glendale in AZ. It's like the one in CA, only with cacti, and lots of trailer parks. She also is the writer and creator of the blog style zine, Crazed! at



Are You Chasing Other Tales While I Write Mine?

All the dogs are napping in my room as I study the Great Abstraction.
Some say it starts with a G. Others use letters; sigils and books; books; books
full of tales and strings

string along; bind my own abstraction to my body; embody heavy
rules; all wrong or maybe not. Endless -- don't use words like "longing"

could be cliche or lead to other abstractions. Contemporary poets frown
on abstraction; the classics are full of it. This was before love; war; evil;
G-d became cliche; taboo; along with the moon and red things like blood

or pain. Don't write about the devil or Darkness and certainly do
not use the name Satan or you will be confused with evangelicals
(is that an abstraction)? It gets mispronounced

anyway. Now the canines' tails are wagging. You like mine
in the air; bury yourself deep then deeper; watch yourself move
in; out of my own personal expletive but don't look
me in the eye; avoid revealing your abstraction to mine and/

or vice versa. This could be something or it could be something
else. Turn a hard right; then make another left and unveil
the proverbial abstraction. But

this would involve definitions; meetings and more
abstractions; possibly even cliches. The dog in me
mates with the one in you. I gave you my body
because I hide my mushed up wreck of a heart. Shower

you in comfort and pornography (oops, possible
abstraction); never ask too many questions. I can't
help myself. I'm afraid

of abstractions. Okay; that's a lie. I don't say I don't
want to get hurt. You're already in me; inspite of myself.
Did I open too much? I'll ask the abstraction. His answer is

Silence -- another cliche or is it
also an abstraction? Try the moon; or love; or all things red;
then The Thin Man, Asta and other dogs but never other men
and never this...never enough

abstraction followed by more abstractions then the end
abstraction. Shall I go on? or just on and on? cliche G-d
and dogs say goodnight or howl or possibly "let's party"
where did that come from? Put my ass in the air like
I just don't care to receive
your big; hard vulgar abstraction. I'm ready cliche baby for
rough abstraction. Thanks it's all been...

copyright 2012 Annette Sugden