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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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David McIntire
April 2012



photo by rina rose

    David McIntire was born once and doesn't see the need to do it again. Growing up in the barren suburbs of Los Angeles he started writing and performing his poetry while still in high school. After living for a year in Sweden he became a roadie, a warehouse worker, a husband and a vegan, more or less in that order. David has performed, both as a poet and a musician, in some of the uglier venues of L.A. and his work has been published in zines, anthologies and online journals. He has featured at many of the L.A. area's finest poetry venues and since 2009, along with his wife Cat, has hosted Poetry Stew, a monthly open mic. In 2011 David released his third chapbook, Other, which featured totally unique, hand done artwork on each cover. His fourth chapbook, Exit Wounds, was recently released through International Word Bank Press.




you ragged unkempt diamond
sparkle through your rusted rough-hewn history
you who washed all your wounds with salt water
and arrogance
diverting your tears into bravado
and now when you cry
it is not quite foreign but something
not entirely predicated on comfort
like an unusual rhythm
in a familiar song
like an unidentifiable smell
in your bedroom

you wicked darling
you misaligned goddess
smile on me and stare
unrelentingly stare
for when you blink
i disappear
when you sleep
i hold my breath
and listen for your dreams
to tell me something i need to know
when you awake
i will be your medicine
and i will breathe once again
with you

you dissonant angel
you silent pink riot
sing with me
harmonize my dead flag blues
and we will find patriotism
for an unknown nation
we will dance thoroughly
on our unpaved history
and we will rally round
the treble clef of survival
and celebrate
and you will sing away the dark echoes
as we whirl and fly
through our most important colors
and our crayons will ignore all lines

copyright 2012 David McIntire