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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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Deborah McCreath-Akbar
November 2013



art by paradoxius

    "I've worn many hats; some I enjoyed more than others. My most recent title of "poet," I like very much, along with voice-over artist, and Miss Wheelchair Ohio. Degrees, I have two, and Mommy was the most challenging job, especially sitting down."
My Accessible Life




Why on this earth is there so much confusion?
Maybe collectively we are suffering from a contusion.
If only ancient man hadnt decided among the masses to use religion
To extinguish and persecute those different from them who didnt fit in?
Creations didnt evolve on this planet to behave as their fathers guest
Designed in the image of love were his finest not just a test.
Are any of us aware of why were really ailing?
Because its our neighbor society is perpetually failing
Divine or wicked none of us can afford to rest?
When so many are suffering in this proverbial nest
Where do we as humans all need to begin?
Loving that mirror image of the spirit that lives within,
Stop judgment based upon the epidermis layer of skin.
This is truly the most dastardly kind of sin.
It will take longer than any maritime hour
If we dig deep beyond our soul we have the power.
Hate is what our hearts need to be free of
In order for us to release and circulate the Agape kind of love.
Lets not let ourselves become deluded,
All of woman and mankind need to be included.

copyright 2013 Deborah McCreath-Akbar