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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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Tom O'Reilly
November 2013



art by paradoxius

    Tom O'Reilly is an Irish writer of poetry and fiction, based in the coastal town of Youghal, Ireland. Although his academic background is rooted in the sciences, his passion lies in the art of storytelling in all its guises. His writing sources from experiences of love, loss and the darker side of human existence. Having spent most of the past two decades in South Africa, he has returned to the land of his youth to write and be. His poetry has been published in print and online publications in Africa, America and the UK. Currently, he is working on a literary novel. He shares a house by the sea with Eve.



Night-time Wide Awake

It was as though night,
Slept fitfully beneath
Some opaque horizon.
Exhaled deeply, sending waves
Of dark shine shoreward
Toward me, where I lay naked,
Knowingly exposed to her flux.
The surge was dark, the strand darker,
A black-on-black, moving fractal fringe
That teased my subconscious
With a devilish lick and retreat,
A daemon caress.
Upon these shadowy sands was cast
A grim fishermans neural net:
The foamy sieve that grades,
Degrades and washes clean to leave
A paucity of light.
Enough to throw a shadow,
But not illuminate the dream.

copyright 2013 Tom O'Reilly