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  April 2014
volume 11 number 1
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Christopher Mulrooney
April 2014



    Christopher Mulrooney was the author of Grimaldi (Fowlpox Press). His work recently appeared in Agave Magazine, The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, Carpathian Health Resort, FORTH, Seltzer, and Fierce Invalids: A Tribute to Arthur Rimbaud (Blind Dog Press).



Jazzbo Brown

Old Mother Hubbard got up in the cupboard
and sipped a nip supped a cup and went to town
man she was wiggy
hip hop to the grocery shop
to buy a old hambone
for Tyrone the dog
and the cat
ate a rat
just like that
got up and sat on the throne
licked its paws and went away

copyright 2014 Christopher Mulrooney