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  April 2014
volume 11 number 1
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Tyler Dupuis
April 2014



art by paradoxius

    Tyler Dupuis is 24 years old. He is from New Hampshire, and now lives in Los Angeles. He almost has a degree in Biology.




the transubstantiation reverses itself: blood turns to
wine in my mouth.
ill be doomed to walk these streets
for forty minutes and forty more minutes
until i find my car. there will be no manna from heaven
except that which i pour
from holy can to reverent lips.
and there will be no needle-eyes for this camel,
for I am rich only in beers drank,
and so my kingdom of heaven is less pearly-gated
than it is porcelain.

this goddamn sidewalk
is less comfortable even than a pew.
I remember one commandment, brought down
from on high, or maybe from the bathroom wall:
Either hail a cab
or hail Satan.
i dig in my pocket for more scripture.
I find crumbs, lint,
a receipt from Home Depot
documenting the purchase of
1 Snickers bar, that is it.
jesus christ, what
am i doing

copyright 2014 Tyler Dupuis