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  November 2013
volume 10 number 2
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Charles Claymore
November 2013



art by leigh white

    Charles Claymore is, continues to be, or has been, some of the following things: a circus trainer, animal tamer, cook, traveler, librarian, dj, artist, landscaper, archer, husband, counterman, alchemist, musician, hunter, flatworker, wing forward, racer, student, fling, pain in the ass, priest, and poet. He has written songs about people and vice versa.
    He lives, and quite thoroughly enjoys, LA.



Feeling Quietly Exclamatory Today

I would have dreamt this
Last night
If you hadn't thought of it
In the morning
But the steps to the sky
Are very large in South America
And I'm so far north
I write a poem for you
You're unaware
Seventy steps away the masters
Fry outside and synapse underneath
But cannot see me
I feel all wrong and
It should be this way
I hear a melody for you (in my head)
You're unaware
The struggle is mixing the pigments
Ochers dominate endlessly.
To those looking but never seeing
I ask no questions
As I complement the sky
And feel the sand again
Grinding my teeth into nothing
I compose a symphony for you
You're unaware

copyright 2013 Charles Claymore