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  April 2014
volume 11 number 1
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Shibani Chattopadhyay
April 2014



photo by mauricio alejandro ramos

    Shibani is a 25-year-old writer and artist residing in India. Her work has previously been published in the Bacon Review.




Sit with me, silent and still
And think,
Of the ragged, uneven yellow teeth of time
As they tore into our flesh of our past
Like wolves, slavering
And our thoughts spilled out like gangly spiders
And then congealed, and became as still as tired old men
Nestled in their chairs
Waiting for death
How did I not see you change
And turn into something else
And me, gasping for breath
All in the wake of the slipstream of your eagerness
to be someone else

copyright 2013 Shibani Chattopadhyay