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  April 2014
volume 11 number 1
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Shawn Aveningo
April 2014



photo by mauricio alejandro ramos

    Shawn Aveningo is a globally published, award-winning poet who can't stand the taste of coconut, eats pistachios daily and loves shoes, especially red ones! ( Shawn's work has appeared in over 100 literary journals and anthologies. She's a Pushcart nominee, co-founder of The Poetry Box, managing editor for The Poeming Pigeon and journal designer for VoiceCatcher: a journal of women's voices and visions. Shawn is a proud mother of three and shares the creative life with her husband in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.
Red Shoe Poet



Post Divorce Tarot Reading: A Courtship Trifecta

My heart spills over the challis rim.
Silence ushers in
the blue devil to build
his playground in my mind.

Guilty bishops beat at the back door.
Babies cries clatter in my ear, where
no one else can hear sounds of years
gone before me.

The queen whispers, instructs.
Focus. Just close your eyes and focus.
Seek the truth inside, Dear. Open.

Freedom. She sings a glorious tune,
echoing softly in each drop of drizzle,
rain from the ravens sky, perfect
simpatico to the pages dagger.

She feeds me olives, chocolate and brie.
But nothing quite rivals the sweet
taste of orange blossoms, her bosom.

The prince holds my hand, reassures me,
watches our first kiss, our first touch,
our first plunge into strange
yet familiar flesh.

I revel in new found delights,
enjoying both his primal strength
and her tender touch.

Watching. Longing to revisit the taste,
remnants of her steamy froth
lingering in his whiskers.

copyright 2014 Shawn Aveningo