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  April 2015
volume 12 number 1
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Sonika Jaggi
April 2015



photo by richard lee miller

    "I am Sonika Jaggi from India. I am 22 years old and currently pursuing my post-graduation in English literature. I am a blogger and have been working in and off in the field of writing. Poetry is where my heart meets my soul."



Engrave My Heart

Hold the earth-no movement allowed,
Pause the hour-let the seconds veil a shroud.
This moment the lips of my heart will part,
To furnish its wishes off the chart.

Let some impressions grab my soul,
Some pictures preserve them all,
Make this moment worth,
Let someone die of mirth.

Let me greet the guest called-life, well,
Gratify its needs, forget about hell.
See and cherish beauty innate,
Wander and loose self in my fate.

To be what I want to be,
See what I wish to see,
Seek what I wish to achieve,
Speak what I wish to relieve.

Release my handcuffs for heaven's sake,
To make a life I wish to make,
Discern red from blue,
Accept or reject, many or few.

Grant me leave from your clutches;
To gather memories for old,
To play and sing and fall and hold,
To wreathe a flowery band-
Of faces which laughed and cried,
Of people I was hooked and tied,
Of places where sublimity lied.

For when I'LL veil a shroud,
No regret, guilt should cry aloud-
"Wish I could have that done",
Those yearnings would then be heard by none.

copyright 2015 Sonika Jaggi