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  April 2015
volume 12 number 1
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Emma Lee
April 2015



photo by richard lee miller

    Emma Lee's most recent collection is Ghosts in the Desert (IDP, UK, 2015). She co-edited Over Land, Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge (Five Leaves, UK, 2015). She reviews for four UK poetry journals and blogs at
Emma Lee



The Magpies Lied

There were two of them in the road.
Their wings iridescent in the autumn sun.
I had to slow and wait for them to leave.
Two of them supposedly indicate fair weather.
Singing, they can tell of good fortune
association with Greek or Norse Gods.
An intoxicated boast of being better than the Muses
led nine singers to be turned into magpies.
They are the only bird found to be self-aware.
They are known to grieve over a lost mate.
Cut their tongue and mythically they can speak.
Perhaps this couple could explain their signal of joy
when I've just been told you might not make it.

copyright 2015 Emma Lee