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  April 2015
volume 12 number 1
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David Herrle
April 2015



photo by jerry hicks

    David Herrle is a freelance writer/editor from Pittsburgh. He is founder of SubtleTea and Bookolage, as well as author of Abyssinia, Jill Rush and Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy.



Stalins of Body and Soul

There is reason in faith and faith in reason.
They are not poles or foes, but cousins.
Too much drift from their common ground
breeds monstrosities, Stalins of body and soul.
The body has a soul and the soul has a body.
We are at once prodigy and worm.
We are wonderful chaos and lazy order,
too finite for divinity and too eternal to die.
I love and respect us so much.
I don't trust us; I'm disgusted.
I peek through my fingers,
turned on and horrified.
Our Mt. Rushmores and arias,
our Louvres, our wars and rapes.
City skylines, the lightface of a child,
the grave, the hungry grave.

copyright 2015 David Herrle