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  November 2015
volume 12 number 2
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Terry Clark
November 2015



art by the feral artist

    "I am a creative writer (poetry, short stories). Also, I live and work in Chicago. I teach composition and literature at Kennedy-King College."



Against Innocence

Waiting in the bushes. Sporting havoc. Patient menace watching. Loading chambers. Blending camouflage dulls the sunlit morning. Unknowing prey. Hunter boots lick their chops and set sights. Hands steady the sport of kill. Counting moments in capsules of anticipation. Self defense struggles with the tapestry. Walking the mountain sun dark, a new born stumbles, squinting through veiled eyes. Only habitat. God's hidden eye. Baby Bear howls. Search and suckle breast milk. Broken blue branches reach to heaven with brown gnarled fingers. Clouds hang doors of heaven. Momma and cub. Parent and child. Nestling. Thawing springs from the ground. Grass blades seeking air. Rears head. Looks against the innocence. Soon trampled by unwanted boots. Silence trebles ponds. Ducks. Geese. Water birds. Bathing. Swimming fish. Picture perfect lullaby. Just the two. Sleeping Momma. Whispers call curiosity. Inciting baby steps for cub Bear. No semaphore. Cub climbs. Rocks. Ant hills. Broken twigs. Tree trunks and terrain. Baby Bear wanders blind into a forest. Dangerous periphery. Intrusion beyond horizon. Disturbing precious jewels. Light bones. Moving shadows lurk. No good intentions. Trigger squeeze. Crackling sound. Street arrows shatter, tumble emotions. Breaking cord. Sever protective shield. Cub gurgles blood, not milk. Needs fornicate purity. Momma stands, falls. Crushed leaves upset natural moon.

copyright 2015 Terry Clark