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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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November 2004



Theo Diamantis

    askew a.k.a. Charles Claymore: co-founder of Tortured Youth Studios (Milwaukee) and the legendary Disciples of Confusion (90-95), has been a AAA rock dj, concrete flatworker, and grizzled line cook. He's played in bands like Nancy and Osiris Pickup Truck, and with bands like F/i and Loblolly. The Osiris Pickup Truck CD may never be released. No one knows. He's also traveled Europe and the US writing music and poetry, singing and playing, often for actual audiences. American Fado, Claymore's latest musical project is currently recording songs for 'Bird Songs of the Pacific' at postboredom studios. His new book, Fall from Prescopia: An Incomplete Irrespective will be available in the fall from Sybaritic Press. A limited edition of 56 is available now at
    Claymore resides in Hollywood .





Its nice to sit here sometimes

to stare at the UFOs on the wall

smoke-stained eyes; mind

listen without really listening

applaud without really applauding

very real pickle, wouldnt you say

tasty, sure what barroom table wouldnt enjoy it

what stable wouldnt want to keep us

lava in my cheeks probably for weeks and weeks.

I KNOW a woman who rhymes with agenda uh-huh

havent seen her fer sure, since I was shorter,

she wasnt mean wasnt anything

liked to take off everything so we could see,

we didnt mind, I didnt until I knew she liked it but

it hurt her, but she liked it anyway.

I didnt mind til I realized that wonderful trailer

park butt sat on a trailer park sofa with her trailer

park mom missing her trailer park dad...

Its nice to sit here sometimes

write without really writing

my lovely agenda agending

my lonely onion onioning

(peeling itself away)

Rhyme with agenda sometime in your life--I did once,

sure, and youll know that naked is not nothing, never

will be, never.

(From the self-published chapbook/poem cycle

copyright 2004 Askew