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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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Ken Scott
November 2004



Madame Aperture

    Kenneth Irving Scott, Jr. has been writing since 1982. In addition to his writing, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, plays and composes for piano,works with MIDI-compatible musical equipment and computer-graphics art.
    Several of Ken's works have already appeared in print. The poem "Embryo Escapes Net-Profit," was published in the anthology Saturday Afternoon Journal (1998, No.13, Flashback), and the poem "Son of GOD, Son of Man," was published in the anthology ONYX SPOKEN WORD: A Celebration of the L.A. Scene (1999).
    Ken currently lives and works in Los Angeles.



Precipice of Armageddon (a.k.a. Cassandra's Diary)

Man never changes.

Technological progress has only given us

cute little toy cell-phones, senseless oil wars, and

weapons of mass destruction.

In a nation that supposedly supports freedom of speech and press,

corporate media conglomerates actively silence any free-thinking voice

that opposes the tyranny of this present government,

which is far from "by the people and for the people,"

a government that uses anti-terror wars as an excuse to

fleece the people of their basic American rights,

their basic human rights.

Man never changes.

I refuse to watch the news, listen to the news, read the news

simply because the truth is being overshadowed by

lies and propaganda. You'd think this was a Communist regime

if it weren't for the stars-and-stripes flying from

every front lawn and car antenna, not for true patriotism,

but for true fear, fear that the American government

really would terrorize its own people into submission

by any means necessary. And what can you do

when avaricious warmongers plunge the collective face of a nation

into senseless bloodshed on someone else's soil,

undermining all efforts of global peace with acts of military aggression,

bringing the world ever closer to a fiery nuclear end?

I don't bother listening to the American propaganda machine

because I've already read this story before, chapter and verse,

and the bitter outcome is always the same:

There shall be great tribulation and affliction in the land,

great distress and wrath upon this people

the likes of which have never been seen before, not at any time;

the Sun shall be darkened, the Moon shall fail, and the stars shall cease;

and unless DIVINE INTERVENTION shortens these days,

no one will be saved, no, not even a single child.

And yet,

man never changes. His greed and fear force him onward

like a rabid dog on a leash. Having read the same story, chapter and verse,

he blindly ignores it, the love of money the root of his evil

dragging him to the precipice. And he refuses to understand

the nature of the leash he thinks he controls:

if it's not in your hand, then it's around your neck,

and it's just that simple.

Wealth and riches are the greatest of narcotics,

and at the very dear expense of humanity's future,

America is desperately looking for her next fix.

Will she become yet another junkie who dies of overdose

in the global alleyways? And sometimes I wonder

if this new breed of American tyrant, masquerading as politician,

is acting with such a provocatively hostile avarice

because he knows that as long as the people have given up

knowledge of GOD, knowledge of the land, and knowledge of the farm

in exchange for supermarket discounts and even more toy cell-phones,

he can continue grinding their faces into the dirt with impunity

since any people who are so desperately dependent upon the system

can never truly be free. That is why the American government

is no longer by and for the people, but rather

by and for the selfish, greedy, power-hungry elite,

the ones who were fortunate enough to be on the inside

when the internal American regime gradually came to power.

Man never changes. He always comes full-circle,

once again facing the demons he thought he had exorcised.

But this time it's different. Technological progress has given us

the power to destroy whole cities and chronically poison the entire Earth

with just the push of a single button.

And man has not learned from his mistakes.

But the next time he repeats them

may be the last, as he stands at the precipice of Armageddon,

preparing to jump

to his death.


It doesn't take courage and vision to go to war,

but rather

to go to peace.

copyright 2004 Ken Scott