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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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Rosemarie Crisafi
November 2004



Mani Suri

    Rosemarie Crisafi lives in Wappingers Falls, New York. She works in White Plains for a not-for-profit agency that serves individuals with disabilities.
    Currently, she has poems published in Red River Review, Millers Pond, Canopic Jar, 2River View, Nthposition, Rock Salt Plum Poetry Review, Tin Lustre Mobil, Poems Niederngasse, Astropoetica, and Experimental Rosemarie's poems will be appearing in future issues of SubtleTea, Wicked Alice Poetry Journal, Ancient Paths, Promise Magazine, and The Carriage House Review.



A World Made

At daybreak, gunfire echoed

through the woods.

His attic window framed

a world made by him:

a plump blue-belted Kingfisher

with bushy crest

teetering on small feet

posed life-like

on a meringue mud bank;

in Pennsylvania's Great Pine Swamp

a young goshawk

propped in pastel

with curved wings;

a great white pelican braced

in glaze

with a long bill

extending over an expandable pouch;

against monochrome twilight

white-breasted owls

stare paralyzed

in gouache;

ten courting woodpeckers stricken

with polio

frozen stiff-tailed and chisel-billed

in paint

never mate;

green, vermilion and yellow pigments


but not the strident opinions

of Carolina parakeets;

a swan floats

on folio sheets

in a pond of watercolor lilies.

copyright 2004 Rosemarie Crisafi