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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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Quiana Briggs
November 2004



    Quiana Briggs is 17 years old. She has been writing poetry since the 8th grade and performing it since the 10th grade.
    Quiana has performed with the Peace Garden Team at the Brave New Voices event in Los Angeles and at the Greenway Court Theatre in "Words from the Concrete Jungle," a showcase that included teens from L.A. district high schools. This is her second appearance in poeticdiversity.




Silly me, I must've been too blind to see what
you were really bringing to the table,

love had me unable to recognize how you could lie
and look directly in my eyes.

I thought you had the sweetest heart. You were
tall, brown-skinned and smart,

all I could ever ask for I thought,

but your trifling ways had me caught in a maze I
couldn't get out of,

I thought you'd be my true love,

but shit is what
you're full of

so now I wonder, could even a fool love me?

My weakness for kindness seems to complicate things,

'cuz I hate the happiness it brings followed by
the pure disappointment.

I'm ready to make an appointment with the devil
and ask can he level my misfortune 'cuz
it's torturin' me.

It's even torture to see you pass by, the
faintest memory make me cry, and I wish there was
never a you and I, but me by myself now seems fine

I guess my heart will heal with time, but for now
here's my letter to you:

Dear Boy who turned this brown girl blue,

My feelings for you are too harsh to say, so I'll
write them in the nicest way I can.

I could give a damn if you walk through hell just
to get back with me,

I wouldn't jump your way if a truck was about to hit me,

so that leaves you no chance in this world.

I thought I was ya only girl and you my only guy,

in the past I might have died for you, but
because of you there's no more us.

You lost my trust, as well as my mind, body, and soul.

You marrying me should have been your goal,

but I guess them hoes had you caught up, so
forget the plan you thought up to get me back.

As a matter of fact forget my name and forget my
face all the same.

'Cuz I'm done with ya games,

cheatin, lies and heart break.

'Cuz I didn't know how many heartaches my heart-
could take before it permanently breaks.

Now I know you is all it took, so on you I close
the book and start this poem again fresh.

God sent you to me as a test and I passed with a B+,

'Cuz an A student never gives away all her trust.

So I end this letter sayin' 'thank you.'


          Your ex

P.S. I suggest you park ya car in the garage 'cuz
you never know what I might do next.

copyright 2004 Quiana Briggs