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  November 2004
volume 2 number 4
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John Feins
November 2004



Theo Diamantis

    John Feins is an American poet born in New York City. He has worked and traveled widely throughout the United States and currently lives in California. He is the guest editor for the anniversary issue of poeticdiversity.



Fall '99

Already Octoberó

last harvest of the century

    rainbow at the end of the gold

        lone station at the beginning of time

    a strange rider comes down the road

        Iíll see you in the skies.

Land of a billion grooves

and Jack and I thumb in vain

off the frontages of Dakota

as the sounds of glass breaking

pierce the catcalls and whoops

of the gasmen getting off

and coming in

from the iceborn wind.

This is the season of the Eden fires

ghost towns teem with neon

    republics crack in the center

        and wobble like earths severed

    from a soaring sun.

We have seen the purple moon

rise over sierra ranges

in stark sub-freezing November nights

survived the spider by the fire there

and a thousand American terrors

been delivered in miraculous sobrieties

on Altan altars, new morning anointed

in sacred cactus juice

consecrated with childhood laughter

so far, we have always returned.

For anything the junta has in mind,

we are poised, balanced, ready.

A strange rider comes down the road.

    Iíll see you in the skies.

copyright 1999 John Feins