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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Dana Campbell
May 2005



T Jungle

    Dana A. Campbell is currently a student of UC Santa Cruz, formerly, an editor for El Camino College's literary journal The Myriad. Several of her poems have appeared in The Myriad and in poeticdiversity. She won the 2003 Stanley F. Wilson Award for Creative Writing. She has been a featured poet at Coffee Cartel reading in Redondo Beach. She attends and performs at local readings in Santa Cruz.



Ruby or Silver, Glass or Fur, Pumps or Flats

Little girls are taught

how important shoes are

through fairy stories.

From Dorothy’s magic

silver slippers

which Technicolor dyed

a brilliant ruby red.

To the Cinder Girl’s lost one

which was sometimes fur and

sometimes glass, depending

on the teller of the tale.

The littlest of the mermaids

traded her fins for feet

just so she could wear shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker

turned her obsession

with them into a career

or at least a T.V. show.

Even I have found myself

on occasion searching

the mall from wall to wall

for the perfect pair.

I chalk it up to

gender socialization-

that and the fact

that Barbie’s shoes

never fit right.

But I ask you, what

are we really looking for

and will we ever find

the perfect match?

copyright 2005 Dana Campbell