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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Dave Nordling
May 2005



    Dave Nordling has been a lazy writer and has loved the L.A. poetry scene since just before the century began. After three years in central Texas, he has returned to his adopted home of Los Angeles.



Have You Seen America?

Not the sprawling growth

television Los Angeles grey

plastic icons, six for a dollar

whitest smile, the perfect 10

oozing parking lot pools

streetlight-washed nights.

Not the tourist-ridden apple

bargain mementos of T-shirt sentiment

coursing rows between stacked piles

flat-faced canyons lined

with dingy yellow taxi-cab ornaments

in ribbons of gasping congestion.


I mean America.

The expanse of destiny.

The interior fertile heartlands.

The millions of square miles

untapped, untold, in between.

Cherry phosphate, cheeseburger

for here or to go?

road-side paradise in your car

shotgun blasted rusty Stop sign

hold the pedal down

through America.

Dirt road, low-water bridge

cornfield, tractor truck

mountain bluff forested

bullfrog singing through swamp fog

snow caps in the desert

take a picture of America.

Sleeping beneath the stars

crescent moon throws a shadow

deer, coyote, buffalo

skunks, bear and possum

share what we've named


Blizzard, tornado

squall, lightning

Dust-storm scrubbing

rolling tumbleweeds

by the barbed wire fences

of America.

Motorcycle sleeping bag,

bandana and black leather boots,

mirrored sunglasses,

lizard and scorpion tattoo,

greasy, sleeveless shirt

on the back of America.

Guitar ballad on a river,

summertime, porch side blues,

dirty night-club hybrid mix,

garage-band rock and roll,

radio-dancing, re-invention of the soul

of America.

Speak your mind.

Gather in the streets.

Due process and equality.

Worship in peace. Bear arms!

Congress shall make no law

in America.

Taxes, elections, community

and listen up!

Freedom isn't free.

Obligation to do

not only complain.

Pay your dues to America.

Bring us yours to our shores,

melting another, cultural infusion

making new history together,

lose yourself to find it again,

the second chance

of America.

Walk your dog in the evening.

Drink a beer with your neighbor.

See the flag the waves for you

watch the kids play into dusk

and see the new


Get OUT of the port!

The city and hotel is only a glimpse.

Sail into the deeper waters.

Get lost for days.

Have you seen


copyright 2003 Dave Nordling