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  August 2005
volume 3 number 3
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Dan Danila
August 2005



Theo Diamantis

    Dan Danila is a poet and painter who has lived in Leonberg, Germany since 1990. He was born in 1954 in Romania, where he graduated from the Arts High School of Sibiu/Hermannstadt. His poems, short stories, translations, and graphics have been published by leading literary magazines in Romania, Germany, Denmark, Canada, and the United States.
    Dan has published five books of poetry in Romanian. He has also translated into Romanian five book-length selections of French and German literary works by Franois Villon, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wolf von Aichelburg and Georg Scherg.
    In 2000, he won the LITERART XXI Award for his translations of Rilke's poetry. He is a member of the Romanian Writers' Association.




Wan like the first snow, bare,
newly born among invisible gods,
captured by the fragrance of saps,
hidden away in resonant trunks.
Deaf and dumb, unacquainted with light,
only thirsty, only asking with wondering eyes,
What? Where? and Why?
With each step, farther from Eden,
from an answer, you become ebony,
like a book, blemished by death's ink.
In the morning searching for Eve,
lied by the long, occult shadows,
your heart and your step get caught
in each clump, cluster and cobweb,
and soon you forget the original tongue,
a e i o that's all you recall.
Fear is like a glue in your mouth,
a humble, broad sheet without words...

copyright 2005 Dan Danila