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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Aurora Antonovic
May 2005



    Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer, editor, and visual artist whose work has appeared over six thousand times in publications spanning twelve countries and five continents.
    She has acted as haiga editor for Simply Haiku, Canadian liaison for Muse Apprentice Guild, managing editor of A Little Archive of Poetry, and artist-in-residence for moonset the newspaper. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Magnapoets, a literary magazine that seeks to promote the love of verse in every form.
    Aurora is a thrice-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and the illustrator of Marie Lecrivain's chapbook, The Painter, available through Lummox Press.



The Haunting

We had a big fight,

The kind that cannot be resolved, and now,

He is no longer my friend,

But merely words on paper that I have shredded up and torn,

Tossed out with the potato peels and egg shells,

Coffee grounds and a disposable dust cloth;

He has become

Simply a painful reminder,

One that causes twinges like paper cuts to the soul,

All the more biting for their tiny, irritating stings;

He currently resides as a lump in my throat,

A burning, twist in my stomach,

An acid taste in my mouth.

He will be reduced, one day,

To a memory that will

Be covered with dust and surrounded by the stink of moth balls,

Eventually to be set free to float on the wind where

He can haunt someone else.

copyright 2005 Aurora Antonovic