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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Francisco Dominguez
May 2005



    Francisco J. Dominguez emigrated from Mexico to the United States at the age of 13. Since then, he has written and published a book of poetry, Estranged by the Airfields of Vienna. Fran's creative work is mostly comprised of short prose and free verse. As an immigrant, his endeavors are based on an outside-looking-in perspective. Fran is the art editor for poeticdiversity, and has been writing poetry for more than 10 years. He lives in Long Beach, California.

Room 208



The Last Day of Autumn

Frozen in insight

Your eyes reached out

Like a vine towards the sky,

Your fingers one by one

Embraced the moon

Then ripped it off the night

In complete disregard

As the stars followed

Moving in discord

And disarray

I heard your whispers

In my sleep

As your words slid

Through my window

And into my bed covers

Slowly enveloping my perception

Until I’d forgotten

Pain of heartbreak

And headed barefoot

To a place by a nearby lake

Where the light from

The stars

Reflected off the water

Near the reeds

I found you

Sitting next to a tree

Out of plain sight,

Moon between your legs,

Slicing it in asymmetrically

Identical shapes,

When you handed me

A slice and smiled

As I accepted your offering,

Scented now,

By the moisture

Of your hands

And inner thighs

“Go on, take a bite” You said

With a smile that now

Reflected the same light from

The sun and the stars

That reflects from the moon;

And without hesitation

I drew my teeth towards

Such slice of cosmologically

Interplanetary Maritime

Zodiac compass with

The same zeal as a man

That knows only the

Taste of a woman’s

Inner most skin will

Begin to suffice his yearning

For knowledge into his earthly


Then as every tooth pierced the

Surface, silver dew began to pour

Into my tongue and as my

Taste buds sucked on the

Insight of the flavor, my

Insides began to glow

With the reality of a

Man that is revealed

Through a slowly drawn

Curtain the stage by

Which this world performs

Its miracle of sustenance

Of mankind in this

Tiny universally molded

Speck of galactic coordinate

Ah, Mankind, my kind, it creates

The wars history records,

Inventions and explorations,

Empires and governments

But only out of fear it will be

Forgotten in between

The greater grace of

Stars and women,

Women who channel

Birth through their


Women who channel

The emotions of every

Babe, teenager and man

Mankind, my kind, knows

That as the last day

Of autumn finally draws to an

End and winter

Descends upon us,

It is women who will

Have sustained the birth

Of the first and the last

Of our kind

Tonight you read such

Fate in my eyes as my

Taste buds become entangled

In the savoring of your

Being you share conspicuously

Between history made

And history being designed

And my existence once

Again is bounded on

The stage of sustenance

By which myself and

My kind survive

Day by day

copyright 2005 Francisco Dominguez