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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Laura A. Lionello
May 2005



    Laura A. Lionello now lives in her hometown of Chicago, but she strangely misses Santa Monica. Actually, she missed you. Her poetry has been published in A Galaxy of Verse, Anthology, Celebration, Matrix (Germany), everything about you is beautiful, green room confessionals, Penumbra, Portland Review, The Blue House, Threshold, and others. In addition to being the poetry editor for poeticdiversity, Laura is a freelance writer and editor for a series of publishers and individuals.



Parking Structure 4, Santa Monica

Parking Structure 4, Santa Monica

is all slant and piss.

The residue of rubber, the hot

house scrapes of yellow and red paint

pout like pretty girls alone in a bar with music.

The matte string of paper dolls without

digit appendages

just mustard arms and legs

stand at attention like a mother,

fertile and proud.

This whole place was built to be

forgotten the moment you pay

for the privilege of leaving.

Concrete is golden

height and width in perfect proportion,

worshipping each other

in the way the fluorescents wash the walls

of the elevator.

It slides itself


under the gums—

desire like plaque,

undetectable until irreversible.

At the top the air clears.

Georgian Hotel, rooftop first and then the rest—

the nativity and even Venice—

grow into sunset and pier.

Pacific like an infection seems to say,

I’m like you, only beautiful.

copyright 2004 Laura A. Lionello