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  May 2005
volume 3 number 2
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Aire Celeste Norell
May 2005



    Aire Celeste Norell's work has appeared in The Blue House, Matrix (Germany), and San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly. She has been anthologized in Literary Angles: The Second Year of poeticdiversity (2005, Sybaritic Press) and The Other Side of Sorrow: Poets Speak Out about Conflict, War, and Peace (2006, Poetry Society of New Hampshire).
    In 2004 she put together her first poetry chapbook, The Ugly Duckling & Other American Tragedies. In the same year, she edited and published an anthology (on tree-free paper using soy ink) of environmental poetry, Cracked Pavement & Plastic Trees: Our Gifts To Future Generations.
    Aire has been a featured performer at a number of poetry readings and other venues across L.A. and Orange County. She is also guilty of compulsively organizing poetry/music/dance events for good causes. Her day job is tutoring "low income, at risk" youth.

    For information about her upcoming scheduled appearances, as well as to read more of her work, please visit her website.
Aire Celeste




Your chest (like that of other large-breasted women) is public property

Even gay-boys seek comfort there

Primly resting their heads on your cleavage

You excel in fixing people up

Healing the damaged

Connecting the timid

Your personal experiment has gone horribly awry

For I have infiltrated your life

An extra plate of cheese omelet, grits, sausage and toast

A tag-a-long on family gatherings

A passenger while you drive

A homework helper for your son

A go-between when you’re not speaking to him

Your Malibu Barbie

Your project—

“I’m everything I am, because you love me…”

Your plumpening, been-together-five-years-but-not-living-together girlfriend

You pick out the thirds and fourths

You know my tastes but you’re afraid to indulge them

Never foreseeing a future for us—no matter how many times I tell you

You are the most beautiful woman in the world

You need to get your plumbing cleaned out at least once a year

That’s practically monogamous!

I can be there, but it has to happen

Your son waits for a parent who will play Legos with him

Who will talk in silly voices

Who will rough-house

But you told him never to touch girls so he flinches when my hand

Presses his shoulder

And we compete for cuddling because you will not let him see us holding hands

If only he were old enough, he could take my place

Next to you at the bar, waiting and drinking while you fix people up

copyright 2005 Aire Celeste Norell