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  November 2003
volume 1 number 1
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Bili Redd
November 2003



    A native Los Angeles resident, Bili Redd an accomplished arranger-composer, musician & poet.
    His credits include, working with and accompanying George Benson, Randy Crawford, Andre? Crouch, Quincy Jones, Billy Higgins, Jeromy Lubbock, Melissa Manchester, Minnie Ripperton, and Sarah Vaughn.
    With all of Bili's heady accomplishments he, remaining humble and at the same time passionate in his involvement with Leimert Park's World Stage Performance Gallery, contributes his talents to some of the city's most important spoken word performers.



Wounded Soldier Requiem for a Black Man

    Wounded soldier; told that you could not fight, told that you were not worthy, told that you had lost the war when only the battle had ended with the creation of your wounds. Know that you are still on the battlefield of ever present dangers.
    Wounded soldier; told that you were weak in body. Receive your healing, regain your strength, strap on your armor, raise your head to place your helmet firm upon, step deep into your boots and march to victory. Admit that you are down, then rise up, up to the sun, with the sun and in the sun. And again I say rise up.
    Wounded soldier; told that you had no place on the battlefield. Take your promotions, pull rank and present your scars as medals.     Show that you have fought, fallen and risen to return to the battlefield fit to fight again. Lead those around you with confidence. Be the true champion that you were designed to be and if no one follows, know that God has ten thousand angles at your rear, and at your flanks, ten thousand more, and a heavenly host marching strong before you.
    Wounded soldier, take your broken weapons and load them with your shattered dreams, torn rags, distorted memories of ancestors and whatever remains of the warrior that you once were, then fill your quiver with the arrows of re-encounter and fire at will until the last has landed exact. Never retreat, only advance in every direction possible, and when the doors of your destiny are closed, knock down the walls of obstruction and
press on, for the war is yet at hand.
    Wounded soldier, told that you were less than a warrior, only to weaken your mind and cause you to ponder with no reason.
    Unbraid the mysteries that have you twisted in the confusion of falseness. Take your blow in stride. Turn not your head left or right but keep your gaze true and your aim at the heart of your enemy.
    Wounded soldier; told that your mission had ended and defeat was your reward, when you know that you were created only for victory. Drink not the wine of the resting, nor eat the meat of weakness, for the path before you is long and dark, and only the risen few shall live again to fight and see the light renewed, wounded soldier.

copyright 2003 Bili Redd