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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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Aurora Antonovic April 2012



    Aurora Antonovic is a Canadian writer, editor, and visual artist whose work has appeared over six thousand times in publications spanning twelve countries and five continents.
    She has acted as haiga editor for Simply Haiku, Canadian liaison for Muse Apprentice Guild, managing editor of A Little Archive of Poetry, and artist-in-residence for moonset the newspaper. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Magnapoets, a literary magazine that seeks to promote the love of verse in every form.
    Aurora is a thrice-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and the illustrator of Marie Lecrivain's chapbook, The Painter, available through Lummox Press.




He was the man on the bus
who pressed up against me with putrid breath
blowing in my face as he whispered obscenities,
knowing that if I tried to move I would have to come
† † in contact with his sweaty bulk;

He was the French teacher who leaned in a little more
than necessary, while reviewing a lesson that I had already
gotten a perfect grade on, and who was later discovered to
have molested his students on a field trip to Quebec.

He was the editor who hissed, ďCome here, little girlĒ,
even though I was a fully grown woman who didnít need him
to wield a pen, nor to put in writing
just what I think of them all.

(previously published in The Makata)

copyright 2012 Aurora Antonovic



How To Not Write A Poem

See how many chocolates you can eat
Without biting into a single one
11 miniatures
Gag on a sugar high

See how white the faded denim fringe of your cut-off shorts
Looks against your tanned thigh
Turn your arms this way and that,
Compare them against the aforementioned thigh
See which is darker
(itís the thigh, itís always the thigh)

See if you can make water bead up on your forearm
Count the vitamins left in your bottle sitting on your desk
Play with toe ring

Tap a tune on your keyboard
See how it comes out looking like 3489ut9 foesdvx790eiritr9u043903

Deep condition your hair
Polish your nails
Take up crocheting

Happily pick up ringing phone only to find
Irate editor at other end
Looking to pick fight
Yes, you understand the meaning of deadline
No, you donít need to look it up
Yes, you will quit procrastinating

Immediately become brilliant
Write something witty and dazzling
Sparkle on paper
All the while vowing not to go near the candy section
Of the department store again.

(previously published in Megaera)

copyright 2012 Aurora Antonovic