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  December 2008
volume 6 number 3
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Carlos Hiraldo December 2008



photo by steven gabriel

    "I'm currently a Professor of English at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York. While receiving my Ph.D. in English Literature from Stony Brook University, I was co-editor for four years of the school literary magazine, Snark: A Journal of Poetry & Translations."



At 36

I am afraid I humble myself too much, and I wont try anything.
If the self-help books worked, they would stop selling. The problem
with Capitalism: the solution enforces the problem. I need
love, love, love.

I have nothing to talk about. Type in my office, and pretend
I have somewhere to go nights. I just lose myself in the treadmill.
Who was it said time heals all wounds?

An aborted fetus, if so desired, continues to grow. Addition by subtraction. Who is
there at my door. The crosswind summer respite keeps me up winter nights. I tell it
theres no crying in contemporary poetry.

Just things bubbling up from the void. A hare yesterday, a stone today.
My spider friend dangles over my head while my cats fantasize mice.
I should lick the walls just to have a taste in my mouth. Somewhere tonight someone
is being murdered.

I am stint stunted. My fingers good for typing, not for dialing. Water puddled. A
boxer stranded in his corner. Stun by the inability to ask,
now what? And would have more to say to her than I to myself?

Come now Carlos, lost in treadmill? Cant find the "on" button.

Preventive smoking
for when you dont want to
put up with this too long. Emma B. Llanos
had enough at 67, dropped to her kitchen floor,
and counted to eternity. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
all good children go to heaven.

And this little piggy, according to the Vietnamese calendar,
went to the market. At 36,
addicted to weightlifting and weeds. Would like to get hooked on roids to
bulk up and justify my rage. Or at least impress someone. I have the body of a six
drinking couch potato.
Hitler was a vegetarian, but I dont do whitey. Never heard one say
I act white.

Dominican diet wont let me diet or stray. I like my plate like I like my woman,
with lots of meat. Dont want to keep this going forever, you know.
I just write, like I work out,
to keep from killing me or you.

copyright 2008 Carlos Hiraldo



Castro - McCartney

Men of their time,
fossils in action,
both left
with the burden of age,
the burden of being alive,
greatness decaying
long before their bodies,
while their respective
creative partners
Is dust
in iconoclastic posters and T-shirts
by youthful death.
Che & Lennon,
members of post-modern, hip-hop, rock bands,
advocates of global justice
against a ravenous global economy,
environmentalists against global warming,
socialists and product pitchmen,
made relevant
by the imaginative leap
from the spring-board
of the what if.

copyright 2008 Carlos Hiraldo